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i iz master chef [21 Nov 2007|07:03pm]
(or not) but i did finish the final details of my gingerbread cheesecake (recipe courtesy of martha stewart - it's on her site, i am too lazy to link). i made the cake on monday and just made the gingerbread men for the top.

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[24 Jun 2007|09:24pm]
icouldhavelied - did you see how much that
ended up going for? my eyes are still agog.
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[08 Jun 2007|09:44pm]
chris doesn't know it yet, but i just changed his desktop background to this:

long live lolcatz
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me as of late [16 May 2007|11:46pm]
things i have been doing:
-nostalgia (getting in contact with old high school palz, e-palz, etc)
-picture taking of said baby that i am rearing
-teevee (but why am i not watching lost right now!?)
-super paper mario
-decorating our house, sort of (i put some pictures up and ordered a few prints)
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[16 Feb 2006|10:27am]
sometimes all i need in the world to make me feel luxurious is really soft toilet paper.
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!!! [15 Jul 2005|02:19pm]
peggy sue, the bird living on our front porch, finally has babies! they hatched today, and it was super cute. pictures to come.

(there are three, and i only wish i knew the sexes, but for now i like the names ernest, marigold and maybe chester)
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[14 Nov 2004|09:22am]
so eleven came and went. we did the chef's table thing. here is erins menu v. chris.

roasted beet, apple, goat cheese
firefly farm goat cheese, roasted beets, local gala apple

three sisters mesclun greens
grilled zucchini, squash and eggplant

rapini, oven roasted tomatoes, mushroom broth

greens and broth
tomato and fennel broth, arugula, endive

butternut squash hash
baby brussel sprouts

whole wheat fettucine
pumpkin cream, roasted root vegetable
and dried michigan cherries

carrot barley risotto
roasted cauliflower and broccoli, crispy leeks

roasted portobello mushroom
potato porcini cream, garlic white truffle spinach

caramel tart
white wine poached pear

chocolate pecan coffee cake
molten chocolate cake, chocolate soup, milk chocolate mocha ice cream

roasted beet, apple, goat cheese
firefly farm goat cheese, roasted beets, local gala apple

raw tasting
tuna tartare, hamachi new style sashimi

rapini, oven roasted tomatoes, mushroom broth

grilled salmon
arugula, baby red mustard greens, pepper olive broth

nantucket bay scallops
leeks, french beans, citrus butter

lobster fettucine
butter poached lobster, fresh fettucine, lobster cream

roasted duck breast, duck confit, dried cherry sauce

medallion of beef
potato parsnip puree, baby brussel sprouts, red wine truffle essence

caramel tart
white wine poached pear

chocolate pecan coffee cake
molten chocolate cake, chocolate soup, milk chocolate mocha ice cream

once again, another fancy restaurant does vegetables for the vegetarian option. how creative! ps. since it was some prixe fixe thing, everyone got the same thing except me.
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sucks [03 Nov 2004|09:22am]
its so awful that 51% of people who voted are fucking stupid.

at least i felt i did what i could by voting and doing voter turnout.
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%#$%#@$ [03 Aug 2004|08:45am]
i am so effing freaked out. i am fish-sitting for my coworker and i think one of them died. i either over-fed or under, or maybe he was old but i think i killed him. im really dreading getting him out of the tank. :-(
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its true [04 Apr 2004|04:34pm]
the goodwill has skinny mirrors. i looked completely awesome in three dresses i bought earlier AT goodwill, only to look completely dumpy now that im home.
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[16 Dec 2001|02:18pm]
Buffy: How bored were you last year?
Giles: I watched Passions with Spike. Let us never speak of it.
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top fifty, by erin, no order [yet] [11 May 2001|09:43pm]
chris and i made a list today [separately] of top fifty movies. these are movies *i* enjoy, or feel were amazingly well made

princess bride
all about my mother
sixteen candles
say anything
the diary of anne frank
four weddings and a funeral
rear window
breakfast at tiffanys
gone with the wind
life is beautiful
crouching tiger, hidden erin dragon
all about eve
the little mermaid
wait until dark
hudsucker proxy
its a wonderful life
harry potter and the sorcerers stone
never been kissed
scent of a woman
usual suspects

l.a. confidential
best of everything
dr. strangelove
oh brother, where art thou?
neverending story
dawn of the dead
north by northwest
billy elliott
anatomy of a murder
one flew over the cuckoos nest
raiders of the lost ark
nightmare before christmas
blade runner
defending your life
mighty aphrodite
dances with wolves
invasion of the body snatchers
the goonies
stand by me
last of the mohicans
the crying game
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The Haikus of G. W. Bush [18 Jan 2001|12:35pm]
this was posted on the board awhile ago, but i saved them...

They say cows don't vote
Republicans know better
get in the boxcar

Remember my dad?
I hope the fuck not, Bubba
I'll snap your jockstrap

If I write my speech
dandy groom in tux
marries somebody

So I came this far
smug lizard in a red tie
denied at the gate?

I bought a Corvair
a snake for Nader's mongoose
crawl to the White House

I've got my posse
Frank and Jesse James in suits
they liked money too

You want bad tv?
Don't I look like Chevy Chase?
Al and Ralph do not

Let's play Battleship
one game for the White House, Al
hit and sunk, you rubes

Dad bought fishing gear
for his last election day
we talked about trim

President me now
act like a duck long enough
you'll be asked to quack

You want a recount?
I want seven great big whores
oval office fun

Hate me already?
I am a dead shark today
hid under your bed

I've got my standards
if you can't sue it shoot it
lethal injection

Me or Al or me
you take Sally I'll take Sue
and F-L-A too

Heads it's me, you know?
call it in the air, Al Gore
Lincoln on both sides

You sue my ass off
I'll sue the fuck out of you
we'll blame the union

Some liquor, some cocaine
worry about the wrong things
my hand on your purse

I will have my way
I will always cut my half
out of the middle

This scenario
cooked up in advance by masks

Injection deters
coloreds is chimpanzees. When
is we going to learn?

We not held hostile
George aint no senators son
coal miners daughter

Tie another on
charge it to my daddys card
put it into drive

abortions is wrong
but is our children learning?
God, I need a drink

Hey, I'm not THAT dumb
it's all subliminable
gotta score some blow

child out of wedlock
that aint the born again way
vacuum it out girl

"Evening, offishur!"
"Please step out of the car, sir"
Is our children drunk?

florida ballots
Mrs. Goldstein of Palm Beach
her eyesight so bad.
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